Announcing the opening of our new Gallery located at 202 North Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hill. New artists, beautiful new space, and cutting edge contemporay work Opening in February 2021

Celebrating our third anniversary of Winn Slavin Fine Art Beverly Hills with the Museum exhibition of “Surrealism Revisited”. This amazing traveling exhibition is coming from the Shanghai Art Museum and will be at WSFA Beverly Hills before going on to Yellowstone Art Museum. Gallery exhibition will premiere my latest “Genesis” collection series along with Salvador Dali’s rare works and will open July 1st, 2020.

On November 16, 2019, “Surrealism Revisited: Salvador Dali and Daniel Winn Art Exhibition ” was officially opened at the Shanghai Art Museum. The exhibition was jointly organized by the Shanghai Art Museum and the American Winn Slavin Fine Art, the French Arguelt family and the Shanghai International Conference Center. It is a time-space dialogue between “original surrealism of Dali ” and “ existential surrealism of Sir Daniel Winn ”. The exhibition will be held from November 16th, 2019 to January 16th, 2020. Welcome everyone to explore the trajectory of Dali and Daniel’s works, and feel the charm and meaning together .As in the opening ceremony, Mr. Zhang Ruofei , director of the Shanghai Art Museum and vice chairman of the Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce , said: “This is a great era and an era of great change. The artistic exchange between China and the world is extensive and deep, and the Chinese culture is revived. unstoppable pace. regain ultra- realism and the presence of ultra- realism topic of Chinese art lovers to understand trends in the art world, it has a positive meaning better ideas. “

At the opening ceremony, there were more than 100 guests, and the audience was full and the atmosphere was warm. The guests present were: the 14th National People’s Congress of Shanghai, the former Supervisor of Shanghai Youth City Industrial Group, Mr. Lu Peiming , Director of B&R Tasting Club of Shanghai Art Museum; Mr. Zhang Lei , Mr. Jiang Jianjun , Director of B&R Tasting Club of Shanghai Art Museum ; Silk International Chamber of Commerce Deputy Secretary-General of the road Tian Xiaohong Nvshi; the artist Daniel Sir temperature (SirDaniel K-Winn) ; WinnSlavin Fine Art Gallery Chief Financial Officer Randy James Slavin (RandyJames Slavin) sir; Daly broker, French art Publisher Jean – Christophe Aguirre (Jean Christopher Argillet) sir; everybody Macro CEO Huang JieNvshi ; Spaniard internationally renowned curator Mary Dr ; Shanghai Art Museum execute curator Xu Yue Nvshi; Ms. Wu Haiping, Ms. Yan Zi , the head of the space , Mr. Zhou Hairong , the founder of Guocheng Artificial Intelligence , and many other business elites, entrepreneurs and collectors, artists and cultural and art lovers from the Ningbo Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai.

ART PLUS SHANGHAI – 10/23/19   Visit Our Booth A20-A21

Since our formation in 1997, Winn Slavin Fine Art has become a driving force in fine art and has firmly established ourselves as a premier provider of fine art paintings and sculptures with an emphasis on integrity, service, and innovation.  In addition to our Beverly Hills gallery, we have done numerous international exhibitions, museum exhibitions and gallery exhibitions.

We continue to dedicate ourselves to maintaining a long-term commitment to nurture, support, and encourage the artists we represent, our collectors, and the fine art industry as a whole.  We go to great lengths to protect the provenance, integrity, and value of the art created by our contemporary museum master sculptors and master painters. 

We represent Contemporary Master Artists including: French-Canadian artist Michel Desroches; Ukrainian artist Igor Zaytsev; American pop-artist Cory Bennett; Vietnamese-American artist Sir Daniel K. Winn; American sculptor Ira Reines; Serbian sculptor Boban; and Colombian artists Carlos Torres, Fernando Botero and Édgar Negret.

In addition, we offer selected works by Modern Masters James Abbott McNeill Whistler, James Tissot, Édouard Manet, Salvador Dalí, Henri De Toulouse-Lautrec,Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Mary Cassatt, and Edgar Degas.

With the knowledge and expertise to blend our passion for fine art with a keen business sense, we strive to ensure our collectors are informed and enlightened by providing in-depth information and special event opportunities to assist them in experiencing the world of fine art.

Success is a function of the many, not just the one, and so we at Winn Slavin Fine Art will continue to work closely and harmoniously with our artists, show promoters, and collectors towards a future replete with even greater success.