Press Release | WSFA at ART NY 2019

Winn SLAVIN Fine ART Presents International Curator l Painter l Sculptor l Sir Daniel Winn for an Exclusive Showing at Art New York Pier 94


Celebrate the exceptional “Existential Surrealist,” Artist, and International Curator, Sir Daniel K. Winn,” as he features exclusive artwork at Art Pier 94, NY, NY May 2nd – May 5th, 2019, presented by Art Pier Miami (Booth 312). Winn is a leader and mastermind in the art world combining elements into one fantastic story. Daniel Winn is the founder of Winn Slavin Art, Founder of Masterpiece Publishing, and a Philanthropist.

Artist and curator Daniel Winn developed the artistic style known as “Existential Surrealism.” Winn’s artistic style is self-curated due to his innovative and innate talent. Winn has a unique eye for details othe4rs may not notice. His specific style is two-fold to many. Philosophically, the technique involves contrasts and examines the dichotomy of existence. Visually, Existential Surrealism uses a surrealistic style and subject matter to invite the viewer to explore the nature of reality. “Translucent figuration in my paintings is a reminder that the,” says Daniel K Winn. .

Like his artwork, Daniel Winn’s life has been one of many contrasts. Fields of abstract and surreal backgrounds depict the dichotomy which defines existence. Winn was born into a country at war with itself. His family, once among the wealthiest in Vietnam, were evacuated to the United States when Saigon fell on April 3oth 1975 with little more than the clothes they were wearing. Daniel worked immensely hard and has excelled in everything he has taken on. Before becoming an artist, he was an in the medical field; hence the name “Sir.” Daniel eventually followed his passion for art and committed himself fully by taking on won numerous accolades.

Can art imitate life? Winn’s work juxtaposes the idea of a universal creative divinity against the concept of free will and self-determination by acknowledging divinity as the seed of autonomy and recognizing our responsibility to global action. The frequent use of partially translucent figures is a metaphor for the physical/spiritual duality which is at the core of the style.

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