Cory Bennett

Music of the Sun

Cory Bennett

Mixed Media on Wood Panel

48.5 in x 36 in

Cory Bennett
Iconic Neo-Pop | b.1986

Iconic Neo-Pop Artist Cory Bennett, raised in the bright lights and fantasy that is Las Vegas, has developed a unique artistic style that combines a fresh approach to the creation of art along with a unique message. Bennett’s work combines iconic images, pop themes and neo-expressionist techniques in a mixed media format to produce work which is subtly circumspect of contemporary society. His paintings originate on commercial plywood as thin layers of material, portions of which are excised to produce shapes and forms and shaded with pigments to produce detail. Found materials (magazine ads, newspaper clippings, etc.) are collaged onto the painting to accentuate the message.

Bennett’s social commentary takes the form of suggestive dichotomies with an avant-garde approach: his works are seen as pleasant reveries by some while being simultaneously interpreted as condemnation of the status quo by others. For example, his work titled “Royal Nevada” features a nude woman with a 1950s hair style smoking a cigarette with the iconographic brands “Stardust” and “Oldsmobile” in the background. At first glance one might regard the painting as a charming reminder of Las Vegas’ formative years. 

Upon closer inspection, one realizes that the Stardust Resort & Casino has been torn down, Oldsmobile is no longer producing automobiles and cigarette smoking is losing popularity—thus there is a cautionary message of obsolescence in the painting.

Bennett’s artistic message is without judgment—both the outwardly obvious interpretation and the more subtle critical interpretation are equally valid. Rather he intends his work simply as an exploration of dichotomy and an exercise