Carlos Torres

Carlos Torres
Organic Abstraction | b. 1955

While an anthropology student at Universidad Nacional Bogota in his native Colombia, Torres gained a unique perspective on the energy and spirituality of the human condition. No longer content to merely study the past, his desire to influence the present and contribute to the future led him to graduate with a degree in fine art.

His unique background and intimate exposure to ancient artifacts inspired Torres’ unique use of textures, tones and resonant energy in his art, leading to the development of “Organic Abstraction”. Each creation evokes an emotional response and palpable spirituality that reminds us of the abstract symmetry and geometric form that give beauty to all natural forms.

His artwork ranges from highly organic textural pieces awash in earth tonesto more geometrical offerings with an expansive color pallet and intersecting lines creating shapes that stir the imagination.

Carlos Torres was awarded First Prize honors, establishing him as “the new Master of Painting”, at the Salon Alzate Avendano in Bogota, Colombia (the most significant art competition in Colombia) and went on to represent Colombia in a prestigious art competition held in Cuenca, Ecuador and then was among only thirty artists who were selected to participate in a second competition in Madrid, Spain.