Awarded 2018 Philanthropic Artist of the Year

(left) LGBT Sentinel Editor-in-chief Griffin Gram presents the 2018 Philanthropic Artist of the Year award to (right) Daniel Winn.

On Sunday, December 09, 2019, CEO and Artist Daniel Winn was presented the award, 2018 Philanthropic Artist of the Year by the Community Nest Foundation together with the LGBT Sentinel. 

Winn’s influence as a philanthropist for giving back to the community both internationally and domestically has inspired many individuals. “His spirit connects powerfully with souls of those he meets,” said LGBT Sentinel editor-in-chief, Griffin Gram. 

As a refugee from the Vietnam War, Winn was forced to leave Vietnam with his family and start anew with only the little clothing they had. Stricken with a challenge of having nothing and falling below the poverty line of the 80’s, Daniel quickly learned by the influence of his Mother and Father expressing “Phi thương, bất phú,” meaning “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.” 

Like all Vietnamese-Americans, Winn followed the expectations and goals of growing up in an Asian household. Get good grades, listen to your parents, go to college and be a doctor. This was the goal, art was not an option, but art was the passion that drove his heart. 

After graduating university, Daniel Winn entered the UCI Medical program to specialize in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Studying the anatomy of the human body, along with hundreds of medical terminology, Winn’s primary focus in life was to always help others. 

In nearly completing Medical Degree, prepped ready to take his board examinations and take on a residency program in Plastic Surgery, Winn remembered “Phi thương, bất phú,” in an interview, Daniel expressed, “If we cannot follow our heart, venture towards our dreams, we can never know what we truly can gain.” 25 years later, the decision of replacing the scalpel and operating room with a paint brush and gallery has brought Daniel through a journey of a lifetime. From the gamble of opening his first frame shop, to becoming an influential guidance to scores of blue-chip artists has all paved way for his success as a renowned international curator. 

Daniel Winn through determination, patience and a driven-heart has earned his merits in becoming a Master Artist in today’s contemporary ranks of masterful artists. He devotes a portion of the sales of his artworks to helping those in need in his hometown in Bien Hoa, Vietnam, providing medicines, food, clothing, toys and other needed supplies. Winn has also donated artworks to other foundations in order to help generate hundreds of thousands of dollars to help the impoverished. 

During the awards ceremony, Winn expressed, “This award i’m receiving is not only for me, but it is for all of us, with my husband, Randy Slavin by my side, our community, my community, together we overcome and together we can do great things.”