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The Royal Legacy Art Reception Welcomes Prince Mario-Max Schaumburg-Lippe of Germany

Prince Mario-Max Schaumburg-Lippe months ago tasked a commission to gallery’s CEO and Artist Daniel Winn to create a painting in dedication to his loving parents, His Highness Prince Waldemar zu Schaumburg-Lippe and H.H. Dr. Princess Getraud-Antonia.

A Princely Family Unveiling, An Honor Bestowed

On Saturday, December 22, 2018, Winn Slavin Fine Art is honored to host the Royal Legacy Art Reception for Prince Mario Max Schaumburg Lippe, his father, His Highness Prince Waldemar Schaumburg-Lippe and his mother, H.H. Dr. Princess Antonia Schaumburg-Lippe of Germany.

Awarded 2018 Philanthropic Artist of the Year

(left) LGBT Sentinel Editor-in-chief Griffin Gram presents the 2018 Philanthropic Artist of the Year award to (right) Daniel Winn.

On Sunday, December 09, 2019, CEO and Artist Daniel Winn was presented the award, 2018 Philanthropic Artist of the Year by the Community Nest Foundation together with the LGBT Sentinel. 

Winn’s influence as a philanthropist for giving back to the community both internationally and domestically has inspired many individuals. “His spirit connects powerfully with souls of those he meets,” said LGBT Sentinel editor-in-chief, Griffin Gram. 

As a refugee from the Vietnam War, Winn was forced to leave Vietnam with his family and start anew with only the little clothing they had. Stricken with a challenge of having nothing and falling below the poverty line of the 80’s, Daniel quickly learned by the influence of his Mother and Father expressing “Phi thương, bất phú,” meaning “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.” 

Like all Vietnamese-Americans, Winn followed the expectations and goals of growing up in an Asian household. Get good grades, listen to your parents, go to college and be a doctor. This was the goal, art was not an option, but art was the passion that drove his heart. 

After graduating university, Daniel Winn entered the UCI Medical program to specialize in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Studying the anatomy of the human body, along with hundreds of medical terminology, Winn’s primary focus in life was to always help others. 

In nearly completing Medical Degree, prepped ready to take his board examinations and take on a residency program in Plastic Surgery, Winn remembered “Phi thương, bất phú,” in an interview, Daniel expressed, “If we cannot follow our heart, venture towards our dreams, we can never know what we truly can gain.” 25 years later, the decision of replacing the scalpel and operating room with a paint brush and gallery has brought Daniel through a journey of a lifetime. From the gamble of opening his first frame shop, to becoming an influential guidance to scores of blue-chip artists has all paved way for his success as a renowned international curator. 

Daniel Winn through determination, patience and a driven-heart has earned his merits in becoming a Master Artist in today’s contemporary ranks of masterful artists. He devotes a portion of the sales of his artworks to helping those in need in his hometown in Bien Hoa, Vietnam, providing medicines, food, clothing, toys and other needed supplies. Winn has also donated artworks to other foundations in order to help generate hundreds of thousands of dollars to help the impoverished. 

During the awards ceremony, Winn expressed, “This award i’m receiving is not only for me, but it is for all of us, with my husband, Randy Slavin by my side, our community, my community, together we overcome and together we can do great things.”


“Metamorphosis – The Beginning” | Coral Springs Museum of Art

Winn’s goal with “Existential Surrealism” is to explore the basic nature of human existence and examine the relationship between free-will and providence, between self-determination and the universal plan. The works are predominately figurative as it is inherently focused on the human experience, but also incorporates abstract and even mythological elements to communicate the divinity of creation. Winn draws upon his own life experiences, surreal in themselves, his ancestral culture and the contemporary influences of the culture and nation which he has called home since escaping war-torn Vietnam in 1975.

Between The Lines Exhibition by Michel Desroches

“Between the Lines” is Michel Desroches’ first exhibition since the 2017 Salon des Beaux Arts in the Louvre Museum in Paris, France.  Known for expressionistic and figurative abstraction, Desroches’ work has always been an exploration in movement and color — bold black brush strokes move frenetically throughout the work and fields of color both intense and subtle provide resting space for the viewer’s eyes.  His strokes dart across the canvas, at points as fine as a pen, bleeding out into bold thick barriers of color.  Influences from Cy Twombly, Jackson Pollack, William De Kooning, and other abstract expressionists are evident within his work

In this new collection, Desroches demonstrates his immense talent with a wide range of techniques in a variety of sizes and colors.  Near monochromatic abstracts such as, La Portee Du Dialogue, showcase Desroches’ incredible technique and sophistication in composition.  Stella, which was exhibited in the Salon des Beaux Arts, mirrors this distinct restraint in color.  Stella is dominated by muted greys and deep rich teal blues, with a definitive figure at the center, eyes at rest.  In stark contrast the largest work in the show, Between the Lines, showcases multiple figures in a dazzling kaleidoscope of complimentary and contrasting colors.  Each figure gazing in a different direction, as if surveying their surroundings.  Deep jewel tones dominate the painting, while bold brush strokes encircle and encase the multiple figures.

Michel Desroches, “Between the Lines” will be on exhibition through July 14th.

“Art is almost a compulsion, if I am not painting, creating, I do not feel as if I am alive.”

Michel Desroches

Master Colombian Artist Alex Sastoque’s “Metamorfosis” begins exhibiting at Winn Slavin Fine Art

Colombian Artist Alex Sastoque

Alex Sastoque, Master of plastic and visual fine arts originally from Colombia South America, graduated from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, his main mentors have been the late Maestro Armando Villegas in Latin America, and the late Maestro Ernst Fuchs, in Europe.

He has exhibited his work and artistic projects in the National Museum of Colombia, Museum of Modern Art in Bogotá, Christie’s New York – Latinoamérica, Phantasten Museum Palais Palffy (Vienna, Austria), Museum of Antioquia, Museum of Contemporary Art in Bogotá, Congress of the Republic from Colombia, United Nations UNHCR, Cultural Center of Nayarit México, Scope Miami, Moksha Gallery Miami, Colombian Embassy in the United Arab Emirates, Curator 19.90 International Art Project Beirut Lebanon; in conjunction with other Masters in Arts as is; Salvador Dalí, Fernando Botero, Ernst Fuchs, Edgar Negret, Robert Venosa, Alex Grey, Allyson Grey, Amanda Sage, Retna, Martina Hoffmann, David Manzur, Enrique Grau, Luis Caballero, Omar Rayo, Miguel Angel Rojas, Mark Henson and ,Alejandro Obregón, among others.

Alex Sastoque materializes his work in painting, sculpture, video art and installation, to preserve the legacy of Latin American art and the great Masters of art history. Currently, with his latest works, Master Sastoque contributes to the defense of human rights as a step towards a peaceful existence on a global level.

Since 2007 he has been working on his international artistic and cultural project “Cultivate Peace” with which he intends to turn war weapons into works of art and symbols for peace in the world.

In this sense, he was invited by the Congress of the Republic of Colombia in the years 2012 and 2014 to

Polished Bronzed Sculpture | 111cm x 25cm x 27 cm
Metamorfosis (2007) by Alex Sastoque ’Cultivemos La Paz’’.

exhibit his work, “Visionary Art for Peace” in the National Capitol of Colombia, showing in this way his unconditional support for a life free of violence.

In 2015, he received an AK-47 rifle from General (r) Manuel José Bonett and the Colombian Military Forces, which became a cultivation tool and gave life to the sculpture entitled “Metamorphosis” from the series “Cultivate Peace”.

In 2016, Master Sastoque formally presented President Juan Manuel Santos Calderón, Nobel Peace Prize 2016, the international symbol of peace “Metamorphosis” as cultural support for peace agreements and the post-conflict in Colombia.

In June 27, 2017, President Juan Manuel Santos publicly delivers the Artwork “Metamorphosis” of the series “Cultivate Peace” by Master Sastoque to Timochenko (Commander of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) “FARC” as a symbol of disarmament and world peace in the context of the abandonment of arms and the end of the “FARC” in Mesetas, Meta – Colombia.


Winn Slavin Fine Art Brings in New Artwork for the New Year

Winn Slavin Fine Art Brings in New Artwork for the New Year

Beverly Hills, CA – After exhibiting at Red Dot Miami and the LA Art Show, Curator Daniel Winn has change the theme of the gallery to bring out the edgier but tasteful side of Contemporary  Fine Art. Igor Zaytsev unveiled his new twist on whimsical art with several paintings that have already proved to make its popularity with collectors. Daniel K Winn takes his figurative style on canvas and unveils a new collection of sculptures made from marble and fused with an accent of bronze and stainless steel. Cory Bennett, whose Iconic Neo-Pop artworks that has just made its way back from being exhibited at Coral Springs Museum of Art has been setup at the gallery and now available to collectors.

Gallery Director Christopher Cummings has prepared the gallery for the public eye and promises a new year experience of art like never before.

Art Collection by Igor Zaytsev

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Art Collection by Michel Desroches

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Art Collection by Daniel K. Winn

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Art Collection by Ira Reines

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