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Winn’s goal with “Existential Surrealism” is to explore the basic nature of human existence and examine the relationship between free-will and providence, between self-determination and the universal plan. The works are predominately figurative as it is inherently focused on the human experience, but also incorporates abstract and even mythological elements to communicate the divinity of creation. Winn draws upon his own life experiences, surreal in themselves, his ancestral culture and the contemporary influences of the culture and nation which he has called home since escaping war-torn Vietnam in 1975.

Between The Lines Exhibition by Michel Desroches

“Between the Lines” is Michel Desroches’ first exhibition since the 2017 Salon des Beaux Arts in the Louvre Museum in Paris, France.  Known for expressionistic and figurative abstraction, Desroches’ work has always been an exploration in movement and color — bold black brush strokes move frenetically throughout the work and fields of color both intense and subtle provide resting space for the viewer’s eyes.  His strokes dart across the canvas, at points as fine as a pen, bleeding out into bold thick barriers of color.  Influences from Cy Twombly, Jackson Pollack, William De Kooning, and other abstract expressionists are evident within his work

In this new collection, Desroches demonstrates his immense talent with a wide range of techniques in a variety of sizes and colors.  Near monochromatic abstracts such as, La Portee Du Dialogue, showcase Desroches’ incredible technique and sophistication in composition.  Stella, which was exhibited in the Salon des Beaux Arts, mirrors this distinct restraint in color.  Stella is dominated by muted greys and deep rich teal blues, with a definitive figure at the center, eyes at rest.  In stark contrast the largest work in the show, Between the Lines, showcases multiple figures in a dazzling kaleidoscope of complimentary and contrasting colors.  Each figure gazing in a different direction, as if surveying their surroundings.  Deep jewel tones dominate the painting, while bold brush strokes encircle and encase the multiple figures.

Michel Desroches, “Between the Lines” will be on exhibition through July 14th.

“Art is almost a compulsion, if I am not painting, creating, I do not feel as if I am alive.”

Michel Desroches