WSFA @ Art Palm Springs 2019

Winn Slavin Fine Art Booth 420 @ Art Palm Springs 2019 in Palm Springs, California

From February 14 – February 18, 2019, Winn Slavin Fine Art took to the road for it’s second art show of 2019. Exhibiting it’s contemporary artists to the community of the Palm Desert area of Southern California. 

Artists included:

  • Sculptor Boban with his style in Spark of Creation utilizes spoons welded together creating the realm of mythological of figurative beings
  • Surrealism Artist Salvador Dali whose etchings and sketches have been hidden from the world until it’s release by the Argillet Family
  • Painter Michel Desroches with his neo-expressionisist lines defining a symbolic form of faces, shapes and color
  • French Sculptor Fredange who figurative creations embed his studies in myology, osteology and human anatomy
  • Painter Nojan whose surreal construct delineates emotions that we fear to express. Through drips and distortions in his paintings, the artist challenges the viewer to see beyond the painting but as a reflection as we might see ourselves
  • Sculptor Ira Reines presented his figurative works imbued with his conceptual style “sculptural etherealism” in which he channels the celestial embodiment of the galaxy transferred into human form
  • Spanish Impressionist ROYO exhibited his paintings portraying an essence of beauty and serenity of the Mediterranean countryside of females in their natural simplistic form of everyday life. 
  • Painter and Sculptor Sir Daniel Winn challenged the boundaries of contemporary and modern art. Combining the old styles chiaroscuro and sfumato (both developed during the Renaissance by old Master Painters) and contemporary styles of surrealism aimed to present concerns with existence, especially human existence as theorized by existentialism. 
  • Painter Igor Zaytsev exhibited style of Contemporary Abstraction with his colorful construct of abstract shapes and forms. 

Winn Slavin Fine Art will be on the show road again on May 2019 at Art New York and in March 2019 the gallery will be exhibiting a collaboration between Sir Daniel Winn and Chinese Couturier Guo Pei, sponsored by MDSUN, Bowers Museum and Dutcher’s Crossing Winery. Also, Yellowstone Museum will be hosting a solo exhibition for our artist, Michel Desroches beginning mid-March 2019. 

If you’ve missed us at Art Palm Springs, please stop by the gallery anytime or make an appointment to gain information about our collection in Palm Springs or to see exhibited artworks by our artists.