Winn Slavin Fine Art Brings in New Artwork for the New Year

Winn Slavin Fine Art Brings in New Artwork for the New Year

Beverly Hills, CA – After exhibiting at Red Dot Miami and the LA Art Show, Curator Daniel Winn has change the theme of the gallery to bring out the edgier but tasteful side of Contemporary  Fine Art. Igor Zaytsev unveiled his new twist on whimsical art with several paintings that have already proved to make its popularity with collectors. Daniel K Winn takes his figurative style on canvas and unveils a new collection of sculptures made from marble and fused with an accent of bronze and stainless steel. Cory Bennett, whose Iconic Neo-Pop artworks that has just made its way back from being exhibited at Coral Springs Museum of Art has been setup at the gallery and now available to collectors.

Gallery Director Christopher Cummings has prepared the gallery for the public eye and promises a new year experience of art like never before.

Art Collection by Igor Zaytsev

[foogallery id=”416″]

Art Collection by Michel Desroches

[foogallery id=”419″]

Art Collection by Daniel K. Winn

[foogallery id=”422″]

Art Collection by Ira Reines

[foogallery id=”535″]


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